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Barnfind classic and a Vintage cars in Wales.

Today (19/04/21) at 1130 am I was contacted by a gentleman through this website about his eclectic collection of vintage and classic cars varying from a Bond Van to 1920s Buicks and New Star. this gentleman is in his early 70s and has asked me to help him thin down his collection to save the…
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Rolls Royce silver shadow 11 1980

Today (19/04/21) as I was pulling out of my drive about to visit Jan our local machine shop tool maker, I came across the lady above (Jane) I stopped to let her cross the road, she said oh no it’s ok I’m just looking around, I’m actually looking for Anthony, I said “I’m Anthony “…
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1934 Derby Bentley 3.5 litre thrupp and maberly barnfind

I was contacted by the late owners son on 09/04/21 asking if we would be interested in his late fathers Derby Bentley. well of course me having a prewar Bentley fetish I couldn’t resist a viewing. so today Saturday 17/04/21 the day of Prince Philips funeral Tom and I woke early filled the old VW…
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Rolls Royce 20/25 1931 coach craft body “Park Lane”


Bentley Gt flood damaged car.

Awaiting delivery of this Bentley Gt shell, no idea what we will do with her but she may end up as a race car for future a Bentley Drivers Club events. 

Bentley T1 barn find restoration project 1967

New in this week is this poorly old lady a 1967 chipendale dashed Bentley T1, she was purchased by the previous owner to use as a donor for a car he was repairing with a buckled rear subframe. she was originally masons black, I have a bit of a thing for T1 cars and especially…
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