B183JN Bentley Mk6 Count Trossi Mercedes recreation restoration project

B183JN Bentley Mk6 Count Trossi Mercedes recreation restoration project

New in Bentley mk6 Barn fresh.

recently discovered sleeping in a Staffordshire barn awaiting its new life.

she was sleeping for 40 years in her stable

this beautifully designed chassis built Bentley was originally supplied in Belco Black in 1950 to first recorded owners and renowned Rolls Royce and Bentley coach builders Mann Eggerton and co

registered ECL 345

sold to a Mr Erick Mackintosh in August 1951

recorded as being owned by a mr Remington-Hobbs to date.

more pictures to follow.


In 2018 I a friend of mine informed me of this Bentley Mk6 that had been laid up in a barn for 30 odd years and was about to be auctioned by John Pye auctioneers.

Instantly placed a bid and then contacted an existing client who had asked me to keep an eye open for a new project for them.

The client had no real plans for this car but were open to advise.

although we have built several Lemans style specials I really wanted to build something a little special.

I showed the client the pictures of the Black Prince ! They were mesmerised and asked if we could produce a car that looks like the Black Prince.

The car sat in storage until we had time and room to fit it into our already very busy schedule

This Bentley is a perfect donor for a special, she had been partly diy restored by her previous owner,  the car was well beyond an economical restoration, a full restoration would run into approximately £70,000 for the end result being a value of £45,000.

On stripping the body from the chassis we found the usual horrors in the sills and body mount areas.

Stripped chassis at the shotblasters, you need to have a good friend in this game so you can jump the queue

Collected the chassis the next day in red oxide.

Rolls Royce B80 engine  8 cylinder perfect for the Black Prince special.







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