Baby Bentley pedal car display thing of beauty

Baby Bentley pedal car display thing of beauty

This absolutely fantastic little Bentley was built by Bentley drivers club member Chris Leyshon – James

I met Chris inadvertently after posting about my thoughts of the Bentley Drivers club forum on the Bentley Drivers club forum.

I thought the forum needed to be updated and modernised, it is slow and difficult to navigate, hard to post pictures especially multiple ones.

Chris messaged me via email, we got chatting Bentley specials, Chris showed me some pictures of a Special he is building for himself at the moment.

Chris’s Bentley special is first class and his attention to detail is second to none, I have to say I have probably only met a couple of people that could build a motorcar to this quality in my life.

I will ask Chris if he minds me posting some pictures of his car.

after chatting for a while Chris said he hoped to get back to his day job soon, I enquired as to what that was, then Chris proceeded to send me pictures of many pedal cars he had built over the years.

you have not seen anything like the miniature cars Chris has built and I’m shocked that at 54 I have only just seen his work.


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  1. Rodney Brash says:

    Hello Anthony, lovely pedal car, however the more intriguing find is the RR wrecker in the background! What’s the story with that beauty?
    I worked for P&A Wood in the prewar department in my early 20s, and remember Andrew telling me about the number of ex RR hearses and limousines that had been converted to wreckers in the 1950s and 60s.. it’s great to finally see one!
    Would she be up for re homing?
    Kindest regards, Rodney

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