Bentley 4 litre chassis VF 4021 1931 VDP tourer garage find

Bentley 4 litre chassis VF 4021 1931 VDP tourer garage find

whilst scanning the Bentley Drivers Club Advertiser I came across this amazing advert.

This car was purchased by the vendors grandfather in the 60’s and used regularly in their home town of Oakville Ontario.

at some stage she developed an overheating issue so was pulled into the garage and stripped for diagnosis, which turned out to be a cracked head.

I directly contacted the Vendor Ian with a view to purchase this amazing motorcar, Ian was very pleasant and had an interest in me and what would happen with the car moving forward.

we negotiated a deal and we’re both very pleased with the deal, also both very pleased that she was going to come back to the UK and not be turned into an 8 litre special.

VF4021 has become over time a very special car,

her engine is VF4024

she was built in November 1931

as a VDP tourer

her first owner was a mr Neil Aston

she was one of only 50 4 litre cars ever built and of those 50 only 11 were long wheel base chassis, VF4021 being one of those 11.

this makes this lady a very rare car indeed as many 4litre cars didn’t make it past the war, If they did eventually make it past the war they were then unviable to use as a car economically so were either parked up or cut up,

This 4 litre tourer was one of only two VDP tourers built and this is the only one in her original guise.

We are currently preparing her for the long journey home, bagging packaging her parts ready for the trip.

I have a friend in Toronto David Irvine who is dealing with the building up of the car for transport.



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