Bentley S11 Continental

Bentley S11 Continental

01/04/222 George and I got the straps and equipment we needed for loading up the Bentley S2, we also hooked up the Brian James trailer to the Mercedes’ sprinter truck and set off for Yeovil.
on arrival at Piper Trimmers in Goodwood lane we were met by Larry Piper, offered coffee as we waited for his man to get ready to take us to the storage unit at the rear of the Haynes museum.

I had to reverse the truck and trailer through a maze of alleyways until we got to the unit the Bentley was stored in, which was no mean feat.

we were met by Clayton, a larger than life 50 year old tractor lover, who was keen to get away Friday afternoon to the pub, Clayton was barking orders of what he thought was going to happen when loading the truck and trailer, he also thought it would be wise to come back (300 odd miles round trip) to collect the three pallets of parts.
I had to step up and take control,


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