LeMans replica WO style chassis New Project

LeMans replica WO style chassis New Project

Here’s our latest project, we purchased this wonderful vintage Bentley replica from the lovely widow of the gentleman that built it.

he was an amazing engineer who had a Lagonda rapier and for many years had longed for a Vintage Bentley, however his budget could not stretch to an all numbers matching WO, however his garage and his skills could provide him with the ability to build his own.

He contacted his local steel stockholders and ordered a length of box section tube and with a Bentley chassis drawing and a couple of loft boards, he scratched out his plan for the chassis, it is an amazing piece of work, I will upload some pictures of his progress in due course.

heres a time lapse vid of my boys and I removing her from her slumber and loading her onto our trusty recovery truck.

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