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WO Bentley 3-4-1/2 chassis leg repair

Here at the workshop we were recently contacted by a gentleman who is in the middle of the rebuild of his late fathers WO. on stripping the car he found that the front offside leg was slightly bent due to a small collision prior to his fathers ownership. so out come our chassis forms. and…
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Mike Haig Bentley Mk6 lightweight road/race


Tools Ranalah English wheels FJEdwards , Kendrick,

New tooling purchased today

EV Bentley Mk6 two seater special Electric Vehicle

I have decided that I should be building an EV to conform to the current emissions and global warming requirements. I have in our stores a Mk6 chassis and will be starting this build in the coming weeks. We will be building the motorcar as a two seater special based very  closely on the Famous…
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Bentley S1 Graber Mercedes 540k special

I was approached in 2017 by a gentleman who wanted me to quote for this project. his plan was to purchase a running driving  Bentley S1 and build a Mercedes style 540k body, the client is a skilled engineer and has an excellent grasp of drawings and measurements. he did all his research and went…
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