Ranalah English wheel from North London

Ranalah English wheel from North London

On Tuesday 14th September 2021 we were contacted by a gentleman who was looking to clear his fathers garage and garden, they had a Ranalah that his father bought from Blackpool some 20 years ago to work on an MGB.

we agreed a deal over the phone and I arranged to go down the following thursday
I went down with George and Rose (Rose is doing a short film on us here at Barnfindspecialist) , we were met at the property by Brian the father and his wife, lovely friendly people, the driveway to the property was very steep and narrow but we managed to get our truck up and in without any problems, whilst waiting for Robert (Brian’s son) we also discussed me purchasing a Brooks anvil and stand, a swage block with stand, a meddings pillar drill, a union polishing machine, several woodworking vice, a saw bench and a Colchester bantam three phase lathe with inverter, plus some panel beaters tools.
we set to work loading up once paid.

we sat down for a cuppa then Brian began to tell me about his early years, he showed me some old spanner’s and I picked three out (Starwhile) that just looked and felt lovely in the hand.

he gave them to me, I told him I would cherish them. 



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  1. Andy says:

    Are you still interested in buying an old english wheel

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