Rolls Royce 20/25 special 1933

Rolls Royce 20/25 special 1933

I was told about this vehicle several months ago when a friend of mine was at the premises of the late David Nudd purchasing some stone garden furniture, however sadly I was too late to be able to have a deal with the late owners son in law because a well known auction house had already been instructed to dispose of the estate.

I spent a few weeks twiddling my thumbs waiting for the live auction to begin on the internet.
on 21/10/20 at 12 pm the auction started! There was a bit of a scare as when I tried to bid the site said my card details weren’t registered (I lost my card a few weeks ago and ordered a new one) so after a panic I waited for the items I was interested in to come up for bidding.

I was successful in bidding on 4 lots

a selection of vintage gearbox’s

a large selection of vintage wheels and tyres

a very early 20HP Rolls Royce chassis

and the chassis pictured.
This chassis was purchased for a vintage style racer for a client, looking similar to the Dreadnaught.




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