Thornycroft motor home 1940 Barn find Barnfind

Thornycroft motor home 1940 Barn find Barnfind


This weekend 22-24/04/2022 we, my partner my son and I went to Looe in Cornwall to visit my mother, it was the anniversary of my late brothers passing in 2014.

we always celebrate Luke’s life at this time with mom.

whilst there we visited the two brothers that owned this Thornycroft motor home three owner vehicle.
I really fancy this old bus but she does need extensive work, all the ash has dry rot or completely deteriorated.

the vehicle belonged to their late father, there is another Thornycroft next to the van that their father had started to restore, painted chassis, painted body, springs etc, but still a way off finishing.

The engine on the van is a 6 cylinder petrol, it is however seized.
gearbox is also seized.
after looking all over both vehicles it was announced that the pickup version was not for sale, and the asking price on the van was about £5000 too much, it’s a shame but this one got away.

Thornycroft flatbed pickup


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