Tools Ranalah English wheels FJEdwards , Kendrick,

Tools Ranalah English wheels FJEdwards , Kendrick,

New tooling purchased today


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  1. Laurent Amann says:

    Are these E wheels for sale?

  2. Mark White says:

    Dear Anthony

    Just came across your website in the quest for finding a quality English wheel.

    I am building a Rolls Royce Bentley Special using a RR Pll chassis, Rolls B81 engine. Just recovered from having the radiator made by Gavin Spencer!, but beautiful job. All 130 lbs of it. Going to make my own ash frame ( I am in the woodworking trade). My plan is to make all the metal skin myself hence the need for the wheel.

    Looking at your photos I wondered if the dark green Edwards is still available. If so how much are you asking for it?



  3. George says:


    Are any of the English wheels still for sale?


  4. Hi Anthony,
    we are interesed in one of your english wheel. Are all of them still aviable?


  5. Daniel Howden says:

    Hi, looking for an English wheel. Can you let me have details of what you have available?

    Thanks, Daniel

  6. Thomas williamd says:

    Hi looking for an English wheel
    Do you still have any?
    Thanks Tom

  7. James Lochren says:

    I have a ranalah for sale

  8. Frank says:

    What’s the prices for the English wheels please?

  9. Paul O'Toole says:

    Hello are any of these still currently for sale?

  10. Adam Hulbert says:

    Have you any English wheels available?

  11. Colin Urquhart says:

    HI Do you have any English Wheels left for sale

  12. Jon Hill-Upperton says:


    Have you got a Ranalah for sale at all?



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