Bentley Mk6 WO Lemans replica




In 2016 an existing client of mine who I have converted several Mk6 chassis for previously contacted me with a request to build a Mk6 special in the guise of a Lemans replica.

we started with a bare chassis, as part of the build it is required that the cruciform is moved back approximately 12”-14” which allows the radiator to sit inline with the wheel centres and also allow a better centre of gravity along with better road handling.

when taking on a special one must always consider that you have removed over a ton of weight in the body including glass, interior trim and various mountings.

this also has an effect on driveabilliy, making the special very front end heavy and poor to handle especially in high speed cornering.

when looking through Bentley specials and special Bentleys vols 1 and 11 with addendum there are a couple of ways to refit the cruciform but I am yet to find anyone that does it the same way I do.

Bentley Mk6 and Rtype have an ugly bulge in the floor which is due to the chassis rails being deeper in the centre of the car to allow for the gearbox and prop shaft to run inline with the engine sat high up in the chassis.

I remove both sides of the cruciform and flip them over then move them back the 12”-14” this allows foe a flat floor when building the body.