Barn fresh Peugeot 201 1929 from Cognac. SOLD

Barn fresh Peugeot 201 1929 from Cognac. SOLD

here we have a truly stunning little Peugeot 201 1929.

perfect patina.

this delightfully ropey little automobile has spent its life in 🇫🇷 France, in the city of Cognac


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We would love to invite you to purchase this absolutely delightfully ropey Peugeot barnfind, Anaïs we believe was built in 1929, and was sold to a humble family man named Pierre who apparently used the vehicle to carry fruits in the wine region of Cognac in France.
The vehicle looks to be absolutely original with some delightful Art Deco touches, items not found on similar British cars of this period.
The roof rack is wonderful and I can just see this little automobile trundling up and down the villages packed with boxes of fruit.
On inspecting this little lady when she arrived we found an empty vintage wine bottle under the rear seat… were still looking for the knickers…
So Pierre’s conveyance was maybe also used to pick young pretty Annamarie up from the neighbouring village for romancing, maybe they had a little spot they visited in Cognac to spend the warm evenings enjoying each other’s company?
I was informed by the relatives of Pierre that the vehicle developed an issue with the ignition in 1960 and she was parked in the barn until she was awoken and travelled to the uk.
If you are interested in patina and want something to win the patina class at the local car shows in 2020 then you really should consider giving Anaïs the once over a bit like Pierre and Annamarie…
The dashboard is instrument porn! Truely beautiful and in fantastic condition.
She has a sunshine roof that will need a recover due to the heady speeds she may have reached on her way to the Midlands.
She will need four new tyres 12 x 45 which are available from Longstone for £180+vat
The engine turns over freely with the starting handle but we have not tried to start her yet.
In the boot compartment at the rear there are original tools and news papers from the 1960s she’s a real romantic time warp beauty, in fact I’m almost talking my self out of selling her, it feels like a little love affair I’m having with her ant it will genuinely hurt to see her go but I have just purchased a saloon body for my vintage Bentley and need the funds.
We may try to get her breathing again before she leaves us but please don’t hold us to that, we are so busy with other Barnfinds in the pipework that we may just not get round to it.
I really don’t think she will stay around for long.
Any questions regarding this item please feel free to call me on 07768805693 Anthony.
We are always looking for barnfinds so please give us a call if you know to anything special, we pay commission or finders fee if we purchase the vehicle.
Bentleys always wanted any year any condition also literature and spares.


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