Derby Bentley restoration project B61DK

Derby Bentley restoration project B61DK


On the 01/10/20 I was contacted by a gentleman who has quite an eclectic collection of cars, an AC aceca a brace of Daimler darts, a lotus 7 a prototype Lotus racer a Bentley R type and a Derby Bentley.

he is an Octogenarian and had come to the realisation that he had too many cars and would never get round to finishing most of them.

He had bought the Derby in 2003 and began work, stripping and rebuilding the chassis, all the suspension, steering components were rebuilt.

the engine was stripped but the rebuild was never started.

after a long chat on the phone I agreed to purchase this Derby Bentley and arranged to visit on Wednesday 07/10/20.

it was a visit I tied in with delivery of the Mercedes 540k replica steel body seen in another post.

from Kingston on Thames I made my way back round the M25 to The village of Little Windmill hill in Watford.

I arrived at the house down the long gravel drive with the obligatory island in the driveway,

The house was a 70s built detached dwelling in lovely wooded surrounding and it’s own pool.
I was met at the door by Mike, a spritely Octogenarian with a pin sharp mind and memory.

we socially distanced and elbow bumped as Mike lead me into the garage adjoining the hallway to his house to reveal the sleeping lady.

After about 30 mins looking over all the components and confirming the vehicle was 99% complete we agreed that I would come back on the following Saturday (10/10/20) with my two boys to collect her.


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